Are you mad? Leaving paradise…


‘You’re joking?’

‘You left the Caribbean to move back here?’

This is always the response I get when people find out where I have come from: mouths left gaping, dumbstruck as if no-one in their right mind would actually choose to return to the UK over the Caribbean!

It always makes me smile.

I love the UK and I love the Caribbean but I have been ready to move back for a while. The Caribbean was beautiful, the beaches were absolutely stunning and I will never forget those turquoise waters. I did enjoy the sunshine, the bright colours, I made some great friends, I was happy, but you know what? It’s not home, it’s not England. It was a great adventure and I don’t regret it one iota, but I always knew it wouldn’t be permanent.

I am thrilled to be home again: to be able to see my family and my friends more than once a year; to be able to travel to Europe easily; to walk through beautiful woodlands of golden russet colours carrying my trusty OS map; to not be an outsider, to be able to take part in society; to have opportunities to get a job; to go to art galleries; drive more than thirty miles and not be at the edge of an island; to get professional customer service; to have a health service you trust and get good care; for my children to enjoy a garden as they grow up with an expanse of grass for football and a trampoline; for them to have better opportunities; for them to have roots; to be able to browse in book shops, go shopping; eat roast dinners with my family and buy food that I think is healthy and good quality; to wake up on a cold Autumn mornings all warm and snuggly in my duvet; to light a fire on a winter’s evening.

In short, I am perfectly sane, well reasonably so, and England, Britain, the United Kingdom is a wonderful place to live. Clearly the cruise lines and holiday companies have done a very good job of portraying the Caribbean in a glistening light.

So maybe you’re ‘mad’ too and you’re thinking about leaving your wonderful life to return back to the UK, or maybe you’re already here, let me know where you are in the process.


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